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Saturday, November 14, 2009

On the Road to Victory.......

Upon arrival here at HOPE in August we found the kids already in school and practicing for an exciting year of both girls and boys volleyball. Taylor was able to jump right in and be on the girls team and Mark was asked to be the assistant coach for the boys team.

This year was the first time they had ever had a boys volleyball team here at the school. With that said, no one would have guessed that our boys would have played so well at a sport which they have never really played before.

This weekend (Friday and Saturday) we had the championship games for our division. The girls were ranked 3rd overall and if they one on Friday night then they would play again on Saturday morning. The boys had gone 9-0 in the conference so they did not have to play until the Championship Game at 12:30 today. The girls won their first game today and they were headed to the Championship game against a team that they had struggled with all season.

The boys were super. They played great as a team and showed awesome Christian character while playing. They won in the first 3 games. We are so proud that the first year of having a boys team they brought home Conference Champs as well as regular season Champs.

The girls played well but came in second in the Championship game. Maybe next year they will bring home the trophy. They played so hard during the first game and showed awesome team work. They just have to play harder and maybe next year will be their year. You know having kids myself our children have always been in sports and we have always been there to support them whenever they have played. However, this weekend I cheered for my other children (the children here in the home) which I have grown to love as my own.

You know these teenagers played in a game this weekend that were against kids the same age as they were.....the one difference was they had their parents on the bleachers there to scream and yell out support to them. Our "HOPE" kids well they have us but no one can truly take the place of a parent. I remember when I was little and I would get awards at school and I would look in the stands to see if my mom or dad were there. When I caught site of them oh, how I would fill up with pride and excitement. These kids have parents who are strung out on drugs or in jail or who just can not take care of them. Some of them just don't want to have any part of them at all. While you look at the video clip and the pictures of these kids just whisper a prayer to the Lord and ask "HIM" to help someone be a blessing and an encouragement to them during their days here.

I also challenge my readers who are parents to take part in your children's lives and not let a day go by where you are not wanting to cheer them on from the whatever they do.

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