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Sunday, January 31, 2010

What is our PURPOSE??

Many of you may not fully understand what our goals are as we journey to Honduras. While doing my devotion I cam across the verse of Proverbs 17:6 which says: "Children's children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers." So, I thought I would share with you why we are going to minister to the children.

I can speak true of this passage because I know that my children are deeply loved by their grandparents. Hunter and Josiah are the the only grandsons that my daddy has. I know that this journey is especially hard on him for he will not be able to see them grow up; but he will be proud of them just the same. I have heard many people say including Pastors; that grandchildren are God's reward to parents for not killing their But regardless of that saying they are a reward to both parents and grandparents.

Our first goal is to help these children by taking them in and giving them a family. We want to give them a new sense of belonging and make them feel safe and secure beyond measure. We want to teach them about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and lay down a Biblical foundation that will last a lifetime. Our ultimate goal is that each boy and girl that we are able to reach will trust Christ and grow up to minister to the people of their country. Our Pastor back home Brother Jeff always says this saying: "our goal is to fulfill the great commission by seeing folks saved, seeing them baptized and teaching them how the Bible says that they ought to live." That is just what we want to do for these children. We want them to grow into Godly adults and put Proverbs 17:6 to light in our eyes for we in return will become most of their parents. Not for us only...but for the Lord our God first so that he will receive the glory and praise of the seeds sown through the children's home.

Please pray as we are closer than ever to being able to leave April 26th for language school so that we can finish school in a timely matter and start our purpose above.

The World moves forward on the feet of little CHILDREN!!

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