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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Honduras Building Update

We are excited about the progress of the new church building in Honduras. It is so amazing to see just how far it has come. What is even more of a blessing is that this building once finished will be completely debt free. PRAISE THE LORD for that. Things can be built with less funds and cheaper labor.....however the sacrifice for giving is just as great for them. Sometimes, I think that we don't give because we are afraid of what we will be giving up worldly....while these people give because it is truly in their hearts to give and they want to serve the Lord. I remember when we were there for our trip and to see the offering plates full of coins and lempiras. It was such a blessing to see how eager and excited they were to give. Most of the people did not in our eyes have a dime to spare but they chose to give to the Lord. I fully believe that because of their faithfulness both to Him through giving and outreach they are a better people. They have a church that has out grown its current building and has almost 200 in attendance.  So here are a few pictures to show you just what is going on and where we will be serving the Lord at soon.

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