Team Honduras

Friday, February 26, 2010

Please PRAY......

Last night was a sad time in the lives of the members of Team Honduras. We all have friends and family that we witness to and even sometimes do so on a daily basis. This event proves that no man knows the day he will be departing from this world to spend eternity in Heaven or Hell. Nico was a dear friend and neighbor of Robbie and Christine Ellis. After being invited to church on several occasions and having heard a clear gospel presentation he and his family decide to go to church. Then, life took an unexpected turn. I have linked you below to Christine's blog page so that you can read the "rest of the story". Please pray for this family, and all of the team members of TEAM HONDURAS. I know that they will covet your prayers. Also, please keep in mind when you pray, the dangers that they face for living in a foreign country. Safety will also be a large request for our family and the kids in the home. However, I know that through the sincere prayers of prayer warriors, God can and will put a hedge around "HIS SERVANTS". I also know that like Job, the Lord only lets the devil get so close to his people. Thank you all again for your prayers at this time.

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