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Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Let Your Light So Shine.......through WORLD OUTREACH!"

While attending our home church of Hilltop in North Carolina the Lord brought Robbie and Christine Ellis to share their burden and their vision for the country of Honduras. That night while listening to Bro. Robbie's service and what he wanted to see take place in Honduras.......really sparked a fire in the heart of myself and in Mark. Neither of us knew how each other felt but the Lord was preparing us both at the same time. "The LORD planted the seed" that night. Mark and I both felt that we needed to do more for our missionaries and that meant praying more and giving more to missions. Even though that was the first time I had ever seen or heard of the Ellis'....I felt that I had known Christine my whole life.  It was as if I knew that she would become one of my best friends. I was teaching K5 at our school and we always adopted a missionary each year. Every year my missionaries were always the Ellis'. We built a long distance friendship. In 2007 the Lord opened the door and paved the way for us to end up in the country of Honduras as chaperones for a group of college kids. That would be a trip that would change the rest of our lives.

We would pass out over 6,000 tracks in the week our group was there and to see the people hungry for the GOSPEL was truly breath taking. We would walk the streets and have people following us as if we were handing out a million dollars. It was hard to leave that week knowing when God made it clear that some how we belonged there. We came home however, and after a few months we got back into our daily lives and that "NEW" feeling seem to have worn off. Then, the mail came one day with a Honduras was funny because I read it through my email and Mark read it by himself and we both read the words...WHO WILL GO? is so amazing at how the Lord works. With that we prayed about the chance that it could be us that would go. We called Brother Robbie and Ms. Christine and set up a meeting and it was not long after that they along with Hope Children's Home offered us the opportunity to be the fourth team members of Team Honduras.

Now as we prepare to leave for language school on April 26th we are grateful to know that the work of outreach still continues in Honduras. The Lord is still moving and they are seeing many new people join their congregation. A church that is about five years old has already out grown its current property.  Their first building project is almost complete as they are averaging 198 on Sundays and 197 on Wednesday nights....yes that is correct...197! How many"U.S." Pastors would love to only be one short for a Wednesday night service instead of about 50% of of its people. We are excited that while we still have a year before we are on the ground of Honduras the work is growing and the need is great. I pray that while we have not hit the field that we have been called to yet we will still labor for "HIS CAUSE", in all the places that our feet will trod. Here in Tampa our missions conference theme was "From the Cross, Through the Church, To the WORLD"......Are we all doing our part to let our light shine and share the Love of Jesus to all we meet!

"Let you light so shine before men, that they may see you good works, and glorify you Father which is in heaven."
Matthew 5:16

LORD, make my life a window for YOUR light to shine through and a mirror to reflect YOUR love to all I meet. AMEN!

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