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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Adjusting to a New Culture...

Well, can you believe that we have now been living in Costa Rica for 5 and a half days. Things seem to be going really good for us. We have ventured up and down the street by ourselves and feel pretty safe. (Having a husband that is 6'5 helps But anyway we have ventured to the supermarket, the bakery and the farmers market. We have a nice house that has 4 bedrooms so the kids each get their own room. Hunter and Taylor have a twin bed and Josiah has a toddler bed. We also have a very sweet girl named Marianna living downstairs who is from El Salvador and will be getting married in November.

 Her and her fiance will be missionaries to the country of India. She has been such a blessing to us already helping us out with our Spanish. Josiah loves her a bunch and loves to play with her. The kids have had a half day of school and seem to be enjoying it. They are in a traditional style class where English is always spoken except for Spanish class. Things are a bit different in that the cost of living is high here. Things that you buy in the stores are very expensive so we are still overwhelmed by the prices and adjusting to our needs. We can however, get fresh fruits and veggies on Saturday for very inexpensive. We went yesterday and spent about $9 for the items below.

It has rained here everyday but yesterday since we arrived. Rain will be the normal conditions until at least October/November we are now in the rainy season. It has not been to bad yet. We do have a beautiful view to look at each night before we go to bed and each morning when we rise. We have listed our mailing address for those of you who have asked for it. It is on the top right side of our blog. Be sure to use the correct address depending on what you are sending. We have a different address for packages and letters. Thanks to all of you who have prayed for us as we have made this move. We love you all bunches and are thankful for each one of you. 

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  1. Those fresh fruits and vegetables look good! Glad you're getting settled!