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Monday, August 30, 2010

Starting a New Family Tradition

  Over the last year or so we have adopted a few new family traditions. We moved from North Carolina to Florida and then to our home now in Costa Rica. We will again have a new home next May in Honduras as we prepare the start of Hope of Honduras Children's Home. The holiday season is a big one for starting or carrying on family traditions.  Since we have been on the field we have learned that things in other countries are not always like they are in the states. We have already started to think about Christmas as this will be the first Christmas that we will be completly away from our families. When we moved there were things that we of coarse did not bring and one of those things were Christmas deorations. I have been talking to some friends and they gave me a few great ideas on starting "new traditions". I know that our family is not the only missionary family that you know and just like you all we have friends that are missionaries that we pray for and suppport. So, I have listed a few new ideas that I think would be a great new start for you all and know that we are starting the same ones. I am doing this blog early I know but it gives you plenty of time to prepare....:)

1. Decorate your Christmas Tree with prayers cards of missionaries that have been to your church or that you know and support.

2. Place prayer cards in your napkin holder on your table and each night pull out one to pray for as you pray for your meal.

3. Have a prayer board (we use a whiteboard) and write down prayer requests and praises

4. Place prayer cards in a 4x6 photo album and use as a reminder for birthdays, anniversaries and simply praying  for their families.

5. Include your whole family in prayer there are five of us and all 5 pray including our 2 yr old little Josiah.

6. We have also started a tradition that we as parents only buy 3 gifts for our children for Christmas. Seems fitting Jesus received 3 gifts so that is the number we will buy for our kids. We usually buy 1 really nice gift and 2 smaller ones.

I hope that this helps to start some new traditions in your homes since the Holiday Season (meaning Thanksgiving and Christmas) is really just right around the corner. I would love to hear your family traditions so please post a comment and share. I also want to see how many readers I do have and so I am going to do a drawing. You can get your name in the drawing by doing the following:
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At the end of  November the winner will be picked and a bag of wonderful Costa Rican Coffee will be mailed to you. **Those who are already followers have their name in the pot already. So keep reading and good luck to you all...
Thanks to you all who already pray and support our family and is because of you we can carry out the Lord's Plans.(BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE FOLLOWERS LINK) and add yourself as a follower.


  1. Great ideas Amy! I love the idea of decorating the tree with prayer cards! We didn't bring decorations either, so I may be stringing popcorn for some decoration as well!

  2. Excellent ideas Amy! We will implement one of these this Christmas. I especially like the missionary prayer card tree.

  3. I love the idea of 3 gifts only at Christmas! The more kids you have the more expensive things become! I am going to try that this year and see what happens! Thanks Amy!

  4. Great ideas Amy! We might just try some of them to encourage us to pray more for missionaries that we do not know as well. We pray for yall often b/c we know you personally and are friends. But it is a great idea to pray for those that we do not know as well.
    We might just try the "three gifts" idea this year.
    Love and miss yall!!

  5. I'm a follower and subscribe to your posts in my Google reader. You shared some great ideas!

  6. I love coffee, especially some from Costa Rica!!! Hope all is going well by you guys. I enjoy reading the blog everytime that it is updated.

  7. Hey Amy, I really enjoy your Blog and being friends on FB. Your post for whats for dinner make me want to come to your house for supper. Our Christmas tradition starts on Thanksgiving. Valerie and I do all the cooking for the family, stuff ourselves, clean up and say goodbye for a couple of days of Christmas shopping in Myrtle Beach and some excellent Mother-Daughter time. Just the two of us. It's lots of fun and many wonderful memories are made. Looking forward to some coffee....LOL :)

  8. Michele and I have really tried to have the family spend time as we begin incorporating some traditions. We take trips to the mountains to get a tree, drive around the Charlotte area to look at Christmas lights, and we have been doing activities at home (i.e. gingerbread house construction together).

    We have been talking for a year about trying to take food directly to the homeless on/around Christmas day and I hope that we incorporate that as a family tradition soon.

    I am glad to have reconnected with you guys and added your blog's feed to Google Reader yesterday morning. I look forward to reading more!!