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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Perspective of Life on the field from a Teen's View

Okay for all you readers this is going to be a little different. We know that alot of you have children so I asked Taylor and Hunter to give you a little view of their perspective of life here in Costa Rica. I hope that you read this with your children and if they have any questions for any of us please list them in the comment section below.

From the heart of Taylor:

Some of my experiences in Costa Rica: The biggest thing would be walking. It is hard getting use to walking everywhere you go. The next thing would be going in the mountains to church.
It is different seeing people going to get water because they are out. Then with all the roads messed up and not knowing how to get out of certain places (because there are no road signs). It is also weird seeing people sleeping all over the place at anytime of the day. It is nice to have parks really close by. I thinik that my favorite thing that we have done was go to La Cumbre. (a camp in the mountains). It was cold but beautiful. It was cool getting to see the mountains and birds. (I dont
remember the name of the type of bird it was) It was really fun being there and seeing all that God's created. I know that this was not in Costa Rica but I really liked our trip to Panama. (We have to leave the country every 90 days to get our Visa's stamped) It was really pretty and a lot of fun. The starfish beach was amazing and weird to see so many starfish in one place. They were also huge and it was amazing seeing how big they can get.

 I really enjoy going downtown  as well. There are also alot of beautiful flowers in Costa Rica as well, as a lot of ugly dogs.

From the Heart of Hunter

I have gone to two countries. First is Costa Rica and second is Panama. We go to church up in the mountains in Los Guidos. Since we have been here I have fallen in love with soccer or here they call it futbol. I have eaten some weird stuff that I would not have eaten in the states. 

    Everything here   (fruits and veggies) are really cheap.     On Saturdays we go to a market at the park. We have been able to go to many parks and meet new people and kids. We even went to a beach in Panama and got to visit an island called Starfish Island.   

 It was so cool because we got to pick them up and hold them.    Soon we might even be able to visit a volcano. We can not do much right now because it is the rainy season and it is boring because it rains from like 12 noon to 6.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about our lives. It is not alot but just the point of view from a teen. If you have questions about our lives please feel free to leave it in a comment below.      Also, we are trying to see how many followers we have so be sure to leave a comment and join our family blog for a chance to win some yummy Costa Rican Coffee. (you can read the last blog for more details on chances to win)

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  1. I'm so proud of Taylor and Hunter for having servant's hearts and having such great attitudes about living in another country. We love you guys and pray for you. The Lord will continue to bless your efforts! Love, Mrs. Griffin