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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Feliz Dia de Independencia and a trip to the Dentist....

 Well, we picked Josiah up on Tuesday to find that he had chipped his front tooth. That would be one down fall to a house in Latin carpet. We knew that we would probably not be able to see the dentist until Thursday due to the start of the Independence Day Celebration here in Costa Rica. In the evening of the 14th at exactly 6 pm everyone in the country starts singing the National Anthem. It does not matter where they are; school, store, bus or in a car.

After they finish singing their beautiful song it is time for the children to parade their drums and lanterns. Here the children try to create the most unique and beautiful lantern to earn a prize. I believe our teacher said that prize is like 5,000 colones or $10. Some of them had candles inside while others chose a safer form of light with a flashlight or Christmas lights.

We went to a local public school about a 5 minute walk from our house. It was amazing to see and hear all of the drums beating in tune. There were even fireworks off in the distance. The next morning we left the house to see the children of the entire school parade down the street. This day it reminded me a little of home because almost all of the people here were wearing some form of RED, WHITE, and BLUE. It was nice to see how everyone came out for the parades and show how much they loved their country.
   Well, today was a day of going back to school and also a trip to the dentist for little man. Thank goodness she was able to fix his little tooth. He was not to happy with the process because of the way we had to hold his poor little mouth open. I told him if he would let us finish we would go buy him a that will be the adventure for the weekend. The wonderful thing was that while sometimes you never know what things are going to cost the dentist visit was not that bad only 12,000 colones. (for those of you who don't know the conversion it was $24) Please pray that he does not have any damage to his permenant tooth. Thank you all for the prayers that you send up and have a wonderful day.

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