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Saturday, September 18, 2010

School in September......A late start......

I don't think that our kids have ever been happier to start school. We finally received all of the materials for them to start home schooling yesterday.  Thanks to some friends here at school for each taking a box with their name on it...we were able to have all 6 boxes shipped at the same time. They were suppose to arrive in Tampa back when we had a visit from Pastor Mike however, they missed the delivery by like 30 minutes of his departure time at the airport. (Taylor was really bummed). But, then Mr. Dave at Hope had them all placed in different boxes and shipped out. However, the gentleman working at the airport in Tampa did not even prepare the packages correctly and Dave received a call a week or so later saying that the packages were in the Post Office and needed to be pickup....Thankfully he found a man that knew what he was doing and sent our packages out. Taylor and Hunter have both finished 2 days of school so far....YEAH!!!! They are eager to get the ball rolling and catch up their work....Thanks for those of you who prayed for the safe arrival of the boxes.

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