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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gracias a Dios por TODAS COSAS.......

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL. We have had a very interesting week. We had all of our things ready for Thanksgiving until we woke up early Tuesday morning to discover that our freezer and fridge were broken. Everything in the freezer EXCEPT for the 16lb turkey we had bought for Christmas had defrosted. So, needless to say we had to cook all of the meat in our freezer on Tuesday. However, it is amazing how everything works out for God's glory. We tried to find another small turkey breast for Thanksgiving but no such luck. We are, however, thankful for the turkey we already had in the freezer.
The Twins from the Children's Home

Early in the month we adopted 5 kids to buy presents for Christmas that are in a local Children's Home here in Costa Rica. This home had over 100 kids living in it. They were all so sweet and there were even a few that had special needs. Seeing those kids made our hearts eager to hit the field in Honduras so that we could care for the same kind of children.....children who need a home, a family, and just to be loved. It made me tear up many times seeing the happiness in their eyes while they played games in the gym and then opened their presents. All but one of the 5 we had adopted were there that night. One of the boys I believe was sick. A quick story if just how the LORD works. We picked a name off the wall...a 5 year old little girl plus 4 others. Mark and I were shopping for our groceries in Pricemart when I saw the cutest little baby. She was like a really nice baby doll you would buy in the States...complete with a diaper, P.J's, booties, dress and a pillow. That day at the party my friend Tricia and I were talking about which little girl could possible be ours. She had chosen a 5 year old as well. Then, she proceeded to tell me that she bought a doll from Pricemart. With a "Really, We bought the same doll for our little girl too". You see Tricia and I are in the same class and we see each other everyday but never discussed the kids we had picked or the gifts we had bought. It was not until later when the kids were opening their gifts that we realized that the little girls were brings tears to my eyes even now.......thinking that God lead us to that doll and we each bought one and the girls are twins and can have playtime together.
We had such a wonderful time sharing our "thanks" with two of our teachers from the Institute Graciela and Lissette and our wonderful empleada Etelvina and her daughter Rachel. I so enjoyed cooking ......a huge reminded me of home. We had a wonderful lunch and it was almost all in Spanish.....Gracias a Dios....we can now talk and carry on a conversation.....who would have every thought that we would have had 4 Ticos(Costa Ricans) at our table for Thanksgiving and we could actually communicate with them. We are so thankful for so many things....our salvation, our family and friends, our ministry, our health, our new baby, our supporters and our list could go on and on for miles. We hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we love you all....       

I am not
      OKAY Time to announce the WINNERS of our Costa Rican Coffee Give-Away. Josiah was the drawer and we have a picture of him drawing with his eyes closed. We were so thankful that we have many readers, followers and those who read and leave comments that we picked 2 names from each group. We picked 2 from the Followers Group and 2 from the list of Comments. So to the people below I need to get your address so that you can receive your coffee. However, because things don't make it out of here in the mail very will go home with friends back to the States and get mailed from there.
The WINNERS ARE:( In Random Order)
Lalania Hall
George Miser
Stephanie Ulm

Sarah Duke
Thanks for reading and being followers. I may do another one before we leave so be sure to keep reading and leaving your comments.
Sincerely Serving Him in Love,

The Coats Family


  1. AWWW, that is just awesome how the Lord let you two to the same doll!!! His ways NEVER cease to amaze me!!! It sounds like y'all have had a wonderful time! I love & pray for y'all!
    By the way, I am so very happy to have won some Costa Rican coffee!! MMMM, I can just smell it percalating now!

  2. I know you already know this Amy and Mark - the work you are doing there is so important to those there. But what you didn't know - is it's inspiring here in NC too especially during this time of year. God has you working there and in NC too - - God Bless Love George

  3. A winner - - me? I became a real winner many years ago sitting at AFD #1 when I met the most amazing family at a Christmas dinner - a young man that became a Captain and then was promoted to God's right hand with his son. Lots of love from the Miser Family