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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oh There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays

      You know with the Holiday’s approaching the thought runs through our minds “There’s No Place Like Home for the Holiday’s”. It is not just true of our family but the thousands of missionaries around the world. For us this year has been very different. We really do miss family and friends back home because we have not yet planted our permanent roots in Honduras. Costa Rica is merely just a year in limbo so to speak. While here though we have made some wonderful friends and just like us they are in their year of limbo…not with family and not yet put in the field they will be living and working in for many years to come.
I mentioned a few blogs back about starting new family traditions. We have very few ornaments on our tree this year. We bought a few red and gold colored balls, 3 sets of lights and a matching ribbon. The remainder of empty spaces are occupied with prayer cards from Missionary Friends that we have met through our home church in NC as well as many friends that we have met here in Costa Rica. All of us have the same purpose to reach the world with the Gospel of Christ. While we do not have a prayer card for every one of missionary friends we are going to write their names on slips of paper so that we can remember them just the same. Every night after our family devotion each person in our family will pick a different family to pray for personally. We will do this every night until we put away the tree for the year and then….all the names and cards will return to their home in a photo album that we keep on the coffee table.
Please continue to remember not only our family during this Holiday Season but all of the missionaries around the world who are away from their families as well.
Thank you all for everything and your continued prayers and support. Just a quick update on the baby…all seems to be going well and my baby bump grows a little more each day…lol. I will be 14 weeks this week. Praise the Lord my sickness has now come to an end. We are very excited we found out what the baby is in about 24 more days. We can not wait.
Also, this is your last chance for the current Costa Rican Coffee Give-Away. Be sure to leave a comment or join our Blog Followers for a chance to WIN. It is very possible that I choose 2 winners. 1 from the comments side and 1 from the Followers Side. So be sure to enter.
Sincerely Serving Him in Love,

The Coats Family


  1. Amy - I pray not that Christmas is good for you - but that you bring the spirit of Christmas to others there. God loves you and so does the Miser Family

  2. Amy and Mark,
    i love seeing your posts on Facebook and reading your blog. It makes my heart swell with pride to say I have friends who decided to spread God's word with others in another part of the world. I do pray for your family and I love y'all very much. You and Mark are amazing parents. Miss Gail

  3. Hi Mark and Amy,
    We've been praying for you and your family this week. We are mailing you letters on Monday. Please let us know that you've received them. Thank you for keeping us up to date with how God is working in your life. We love you and miss you!
    Love, The Romeo's.

  4. Amy and Mark~
    So appreciate and adore the new Christmas traditions you are now making with your family! Praying you guys through this journey!!!
    Many HUGS and prayers~
    Sarah Duke

  5. I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving (along with the early Thanksgiving feast that I read about on FB).

    In spite of being far away, we are close by in thoughts and prayers. I am excited to hear about the traditions that continue on as the future marches on.

    Thanks for continuing to keep us updated on how Mark and you are doing. We love you guys!