Team Honduras

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Much Needed Day of Family Fun.....

On Friday the Spanish Institute was closed so that those students in need of getting their VISA's stamped could leave country. Considering, that Mark and I are always studying and the kids have been working super hard to finish up their first 9 weeks we decide to take a "FAMILY DAY".  This was a much needed day for us just to relax and be a family. Our wonderful grammar teacher told us about "El Parque de Diversiones"...or Costa Rican Disney World. Well, it was no Disney World but it was a ton of fun. With no charge to enter the park I was able to walk in since I can not ride any rides anyway. Mark, Taylor, Hunter and Josiah bought the special pass that let them ride everything for as many times as they wanted. . Even better the wrist band was on $13. The above picture of Josiah was of a leaf bug he tried to squish before I saved the little critter. Then I noticed that he only had one back leg so I convinced him to hold it and he loved it. The other picture is of Mark and the kids riding a disk ride. Pretty cool, we have never seen such a ride before. If you look carefully you will notice that there are people with their hands up...Yep...that is all the Americans...a.k.a "Gringos"...seems that holding your hands up is a little much for the locals. We said that some of those kids would leave a ride with wet pants if they rode a giant roller coaster in the states. Some of the little things that we never even think about. Most of the people in the park that day will never venture to another place let alone visit the to them this is a really big deal and a really big and exciting place.

Not bad at all. They had a small roller coaster and the park is set on many acres of land...similar to our state fairs back home without the hassle of "carnies". Plus all the proceeds go to fund the local children's hospital. With the N.C. fair just a few short weeks ago reading all about my family and friends back home eating fair food left a real sweet tooth in my mouth. Searching through the park to see if they would even have anything close to real fair goodies......and to our surprise.....I saw a small booth with two teenage boys making "Cotton Candy". Yes, you read correctly COTTON CANDY.....
and even better I got each bag for $1.20......not the $3-8 in the states. Needless to say we bought 4 bags. We are so thankful that the Lord blessed us with a beautiful day as well as great friends and classmates here at the school that went with us. If you are ever here in Costa Rica check it out but not on  New Year's Day....(expected attendance this day is over 10,000 people). Our family had many laughs and found a new refreshing spirit to get us through until our family arrives on December 2. Thank you for all of your prayers and support.

We love you all.


  1. Wow! what a great time you all had! You look great btw.

    I already follow your blog, so do whatever you need to do to enter me into the coffee contest. Not sure how that works.


  2. So glad you had a day off! You definitely need to recharge your batteries now and then. :)

    Your comments about the roller coaster and Costa Ricans reminded me of a conversation I had with our Cinthia once. A little rinky dink fair with rides had come to town, and she was bragging about how brave she was to ride the "big" rollercoaster...I showed her a pic of a really huge one in a theme park in the US. She wanted to know how many trucks it took to haul it from place to place!!! :) Cracked us up!

    Love you guys and miss you lots!

  3. Wish we could have been there with you. Sound like you had a great family day. Glad you were able to get a way and do that- make memories with the kids. We miss spending good times with great friends (you guys) :) We love you.

  4. Miss you guys...all play and no work makes Mark a dull boy! :-)

  5. as you teach all of us - - family is not where you are but who you are with - - a lesson Jane, Molly and I could learn