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Friday, February 4, 2011

Reglas, Reglas, Reglas...........

Who knew that there were so many "reglas" or rules in Spanish. I thought that English was tough. We are currently working on subjunctive and there are like 15 different rules each with their own rules and exceptions. We have now learned reglas 1,2, and 4.  At first we thought "what is up with all these different rules?" I have no problem going out on the street and communicating my thoughts and needs with the people that I meet. I can ask for things, and go places and even talk small talk in a taxi. But after talking with one of our teacher's she explained that what we know now.....without subjunctive is equal to "Tarzan's Language" example it sounds like this..."Me Tarzan and you Jane". The words come out but you need the connectors to help everything flow and make you sound a little more educated. 

As, I was sitting and thinking of the importance of how we speak and sound to others I began to think about my daily life as a Christian. It also made me think about the lives of others that claim to be Christian. Do we sound educated when we talk about Jesus? I know that we are not gonna know and have the entire Bible embedded into our memory but do we have key verses that we can share with others on the spot. If an issue comes up with a friend or co-worker do you know your Bible well enough to guide the person in the right direction. I can say that I have had times where I have verses and "I know what the BIBLE" says about that topic but I still need to get all the passages written down to go back and share with the person later. We need to be more educated in God's Word and the only way that we can be more educated is to study it and put it to memory. I am going to try to memorize one verse a week but I am also gonna try to memorize it in English and in Spanish. I challenge all of my readers to do the same thing but in 1 language(LOL). It only makes sense that I learn both....but if you are feeling a little more inspired then you can try one in Spanish as well. :) I would love to hear what verse you have decided to memorize this week and with sending me a note about it...I can help hold you accountable for that see if you are holding to your decision to become more educated in God's Word.

I am gonna to work on Philippians 4:7.....

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  1. psalm23:4 - - I know this verse very well and often it helps me get through - when my brother died in Sept. and my dad in Dec - - it reminds me that I am Walking with HIM. Now on to the verse about it's a good thing to eat 12 Krispy Kreme donuts - - haven't found that verse in the bible yet but I know it's there - - big SMILE and A HUG the george