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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

When you think your late.....God has perfect timing.....

 Wednesday evening Taylor and I along with the little boys went to the grocery store before church. I had plenty of 40 minutes actually. However, while standing in line to pay the people in front of me decided to make things alittle difficult for the cashier. After, 20+ minutes in line it is now my turn to pay. I get my few little items and run with a cart in heels to my car. My phone begins to is Elsey wanting to make sure that I am picking her up for church. I let her know that we are just across the street and on the way. When I get there...thinking that she is going to be ready...she runs to my car and with excitment asked "can my mom change" I said sure. We waited and a few minutes later Elsey and Maria both walk to the car and get in. We were able to take Maria to "our" church for the first time. She is still however, waiting on that door but that night she decided to come along anyway.  God is so good and we hope to see her again soon.

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