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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No Water, No Internet.....No Problem......HA!

Sorry that it has been awhile. One we have been really busy and two we have not had internet. Talk about feeling a little disconnected from the world. No, really we have been 4 days or so without internet and wtaer is on and off for the last 5 days. However, even with that we have still been able to move forward. Many things have been going on here the last few weeks with the cottage and church.

First, we would like to say that Elsey has adjusted well to her new glasses. She has a constant smile on her face and we continue to visit her and her family. She was not in church on Wednesday night so I went to see her on Friday. She expalined that she had been sick and did not have the money for medicine. I then went to get her some medicine and a bottle of shampoo. Once, I returned her mo m asked me if I could go and see her other daugter who is 20. She had been very sick and they wanted me to talk to her and see her. (I was like "ok" but you understand that I am neither a doctor nor a nurse. I talked with her and watched as the listened to my advise.  We saw that Elsey and her family had a new house but the door is still  not there. We had heard that she had one but it did not work out. So, we are still praying for a dooe so that Maria can attend services.

  The same day that I went to see Elsey, I decided to go and see Catherine. She was the young lady who had asked to use my shower the day she had her baby. I am happy to say that Isaac is growing like a weed and is already a month old. I had such a wonderful visit with her and her family. In her house lives Alba(Catherine's mom), Ana (Not sure how she is related), Catherine and Isaac, Genesis(Catherine's little sister), Abram(Catherine's brother), Dora(Catherine's aunt) and Catherine's grandma, That is a lot of people in one little house. Taylor and I along with Josiah and Micah had a sweet time of fellowship and I was able to share a few more clothes with her. I then invited her to the ladies meeting that we had at church. I am happy to say that they both attended.

We are also preparing for the shipment of the container. We are so very excited about all of the items that are just waiting to be packed in. THANK YOU TO YOU ALL WHO HAVE GIVEN TO THE HOME!
The house is now fully painted inside and they are working on the outside. We will keep you posted on the days ahead.

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