Team Honduras

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

God already knew........................................

   When we answered the call to go to the mission field we knew we were going to have to go on deputation to raise support. Posted by PicasaWe called and talked to Brother Matt and asked him to help us with a prayer card. This is our first prayer card.  Look how little our kids were in this picture but that is not even the most amazing thing about it. The little girl in the picture just happens to be Angie when she was about 6 years old. God already knew that she was going to be here living in Esperanza de Honduras.  It is so amazing to think that while on deputation people who took our card were holding a picture of our first child.  God has a wonderful way at revealing his plan for all. We just thought that this was an interesting thing to share with you.  However, we have even more exciting news. Last night after our devotion time we were taking prayer request. Angie asked prayer for her salvation(she had been talking to Karla everyday since she moved in about not having security). Karla and I were able to talk with Angie and she trusted Christ as her Savior last night. She said that she only went through the motions and said the words but did not mean them. She said that she was even baptized but did not have Christ in her heart. Well, praise the Lord she nailed it down last. Since moving into the home she has been a pure delight. She has a servant's heart and likes to help. She enjoys our family devotion time and even is the first to raise her hand to read aloud.  Please continue to pray for her as now she truly has a new start and a new life. 

Angie now at 13


  1. So excited to hear about Angie's salvation! May God continue to bless your efforts there.

    1. Thanks Tracey....we give God all the glory.....