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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life....Lice.....Lambs and Lessons......

WOW! While I love being in the ministry sometimes there are parts that we all dislike but are a part of life. We have been dealing with lice here in Esperanza. Here there are more people that have this dreadful tiny little insect than those who don't. We thought, that we had killed off all of them but to our surprise they have returned. We have spent countless hours reviewing hair by hair. We hopefully, have picked them each off and I only wish that I would had thought to take a picture of the larger than sesame seed bug before I tossed it. This has been a time of extreme patients for me....patients at which I thought I had until I had to review everyones head to insure no one else had them. Please pray that we can rid them and keep them gone. 

Now, we can move on to the lambs....we have a herd that seems to use our yard along with the church property to graze. For those of you who know the countless hours it takes to till your field, mound up your rows, plant and water your seeds and wait for them to sprout. Then, when the fruits of your labor begin to pop up and grow and are just about to give off their fruits..........when a herd of lamb/sheep demolish them in less than 20 seconds. Yep, you heard it...they ate up our green bean bushes, ate the leaves off of the cucumber plants and then ate the squash......the actual squash people.....anyone want "leg of lamb"?
Mark was so disappointed. We went on Monday to buy the wood stakes, metal wire for fencing and nails to put around the garden. Thankful they did not get their fill at our beautiful garden, and God is causing it to still produce. We are also thankful to those who have sent us seeds. We will have so many yummy veggies coming up in just a short time. We hope to pick yellow squash tomorrow as well as red mustard greens. The Lord is so good.  

A few other fun things going on here are school lessons. We are trying to get Angie caught up in areas of her weakness and at the same time teach her some English. It is so amazing at how fast she is learning. Today, we learned a few basic words-box, cat, dog, goat, and jacket-as well as some simple sentences.
She can read the things that she has learned so far and is very eager to have class everyday.

We have a few prayer requests here:
Gummy vitamins
Pony-tail holders/and headbands
Girls no-show socks(size womens 7-10)
Girls half slip (little girl size 12-14)(white and black)
Teen Chapter Books in Spanish(Christian)

Thank you all for how you pray for our ministry.

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