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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Many Prayer Needs.....

It has been a busy week here and lots to do everyday. We were lucky to rid all of the lice in the house and that is a huge Praise! Another Praise that we have is that Angie is doing well with her studies. She has really learned a lot of English in such a short time and she is improving on her math skills everyday. She looks forward to having class each morning. She can even read small word books that I would have used for K5. She is really excited about reading in English.

Teaching Angie to read in English
 We also were able to go and look at a van this week. This is a huge need for us as we can not all travel in one vehicle. Please help us pray for wisdom in the buying process.  This will not only serve as transportation for the children in the home but for when we have groups visit us from the states.

The van we are looking at but in Silver

The second prayer request that we have is for Angie. We have recently taken her to the dentist for the first time. Being that this was her first visit she had a lot of work to be done. She has had to have two teeth pulled, then they were cleaned and now we are on to filling cavities. She will have to have 6 teeth in total repaired.  This is a large expensive because of the fact that she has never seen a dentist before in her life. We are looking at about $250-$275 for all the work. This will more than likely be the exact same process for every child that come in the home. After the dentist the next stop will be the doctor and then eye doctor. We do not have any type of health insurance here and so all medical/dental treatment is out of pocket.

The kids are all helping move a load of dirt
    Lastly, we have a large amount of standing water on the far side of the property. We are in need of at least 10 loads of fill dirt and rock to fill in this large area. We may even need up to 18 loads total. Each load is roughly $95 a load. This is a huge expense for us but also a great need. Please join us in prayer regarding the funds to fill this and get rid of the mosquito problem that we have due to the standing water.  We know that God will provide all that we need...HE proves that everyday. Thank you all who pray for our family and for our ministry here. We look forward to sharing more with you in the future. Until then Bendiciones(Blessings)

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