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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Big Steps for a Little Person........

Growing up I remember playing outside, coloring, singing and doing all the funs things that kids do. I also remember going to church everytime the doors were open unless we were sick. I also remember going to every Bible school in a 10 mile radius of our home. My momma, made sure that our summers were packed full of vacation Bible school. I had alot of fun going and doing those kinds of things. The church that we grew up in was a small church and I remember us having a bus. I don't rememebr much about soul-winning/door knocking. It is possible that I was just to little and therefore it did not pertain to me. However, it took me along time to be able to share the gospel with others because I had no training. I had a fear of speaking the truth. Not because, I did not want to share the truth, I guess it was becasue I did not want others to reject me or judge me or throw me under the bus, so to speak. When we attened our home church in North Carolina, we became active in sharing the gospel with others. It started as an invitation to our church and then the doors just opened to share the gospel. Now, that we are here in Honduras our ministry is the childrens home, however, everyones mission is to share the gospel if you are saved. You know, someone once shared the gospel with us and that is why we are saved. Someone took the time to tell us that there is a Savior, a God who loves us enough to leave HIS heavenly home, be born in a stable and surrender HIS life on a cruel cross. Should we all not share the same good news that changed our lives with others?  The answer is "YES", yes we should, we all have that duty if we claim the name Christian. Here in Honduras we go out every Saturday and reach a part of our community here. We are gone for about 1 1/2 hours or so. We have anywhere from 40-55 people come out to pass out tracts. The group consist of the young and the more mature......We do have some kids that have placed their faith and trust in Christ and want to help out as well and they are in the 10-12 year old class. Some of those include the kids from Esperanza.

  Elvin is 10 years old and he lives here with us. He has been going on visitaion now for a few months. Yesterday, he went home to spend the night with his family. It was a huge blessing to see him walk with his aunt to attend soul-winning visitation yesterday. He said that he did not want to miss it, even though his mom did not come. What a big step for such a little person. He loves being able to pass out tracts and share the gospel with others. He feels that God is calling him to be a Pastor oneday. Would'nt that be great.....a little boy that entered the home at age 9 could not read a word, has changed his life, can read the Bible and wants to share it with others. I hope that we can all be like Elvin and see what we have been given and want to give back.

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