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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

6 months later..........................

In October just around the time of "candy day" other wise known as halloween a very sick and lice infested Kathya came to stay with us. When she entered the home she had a severe infection due to thousands of lice bites and just a life of uncleanliness. She had never been to school, she did not know how to write or how to spell her name. She did not know her birthday and had never had her own bed. That day everything changed for her. God opened up a door and allowed us to place her in the home. Now, 6 months later this little girl has hope. She can now spell her own name, little by little she is learning to read and write. She has her own bed, new clothes and eats 3 meals a day without having to search for plastic bottles before her mom can go and buy the food. She has a different life. She accepted Christ as her SAVIOR and God has put a song in her heart and a smile on her face. She is learning English and she is really blooming in her spiritual walk with the Lord. You can tell this by her heart felt prayers. I have posted a before and after picture of Kathya from the day she came in, after she was cleaned up and a pictre from today. WOW! God is so good. You know this is a perfect example of how our Christian life should be. We come to Jesus dirty and covered with sin, we are broken and sad. Then, when we repent and ask him to live in our heart and change us......the world should be able to see Jesus through us and all over us. There should be a visible change. God's love and grace once accepted makes us new creatures in HIM. Just like these pictures of Kathya....the world should be able to see a change in our lives as well. Can the world see that Christ has made you a new creature....or are you still the same?

October 2012 when Kathya entered the home

Day after she entered the home 1st church service

This was Sunday April 7, 2013

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