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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Meet Sthefany

Sthefany is the newest member of the Esperanza Family. She is 6 years old. When she was two years old her mom left her with her grandma. She has lived her last four years with her, however her grandma has to work 6 days a week. So, her mom (which she has had very little contact with the last 4 years) signed her into the home today for the next 12 years or until she graduates high school. Please pray for her as this is a large and difficult transition. Pray for us as well for wisdom and guidance.  With adding her we are in need of a sponsor not only for her but for 4 others as well. We have 5 children who are not supported right now. If you would like to help give "hope" to a child please email us in regards to sponsoring a child. Thank you all for your love and prayers and support of our ministry.

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