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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The best DMV story ever.........

the waiting has begun
Living in another country means lots of new things....including residency cards and a new drivers license. I see post all the time of friends who talk about how much they dislike the DMV. You go and wait......then go  and talk to the person behind the counter and pay for your needs. Maybe you are there for an hour or so. Well, we wanted to share with you about our DMV ordeal.  It all started last week when we went to get our license. When we arrived at the police station the power to that side of the city had been turned off and we could not do anything that day. However, they told us the things that we needed to do to be ready. So, yesterday we went to the bank to pay for our "cita" our appointment to go to the station. It was a huge line of maybe 30 people waiting outside of the bank....not including the people inside. We decided that we would check out the bank downtown to see if it was any better. Yeah...not so much and the people had to wait outside in the heat. We decided to take our chances and head back to the mall. We got in line and waited and waited for more than 1 1/2 (standing) hours but we finally paid for our appointment L500 about $25 or so. Today, we woke up and went to the station to complete the process. We were told that we needed to have an eye exam, a blood test, a physical and so on. So, we headed across the street to get the things we needed. As we were waiting.....we were then handed a drivers test that we had supposedly taken, and our completed eye exam that gave us both 20/20 vision. We then had to have two pictures made and copies of our residency cards. Now, it was time to pay. So we have about $60 this time and headed across the street to finish the process. We walk into a small air conditioned room (which we were ever grateful for) and started our wait. For the first 30 minutes or so....not one person went back or left the room. I had to go and use the bathroom....however this would be a true adventure. I get up and walk out one door to discover not one policeman or women in sight. So, I enter the room again and go out the front door. Look around and find no-one. So, I walk into the actually station to find 3 police officers and I asked them if they could direct me to a bathroom. Finally, one women was able to help me and she led me out the door and to another building...but here it was just to get the keys for the bathroom. Then she takes me to another building and opens the door. I look inside and see three toilets...yeah...she shuts the lights, no toilet paper and no sink and only the first toilet works. It is a good thing I go prepared.  ugh......just another link in the adventure.

this is 3 hours later
 Well, waiting and waiting and waiting. Then, they took 12 people back. We continued to wait and then they took about 8 more people and told the rest of us we would have to wait until after 1. (yeppers, it was only at 11:30) So, we waited and waited...........then the man came to collect the next 10 or so...and we were first in line. Once we got back it was pretty fast but I had to wait while the women helping me got her bills and money together so she could send her friend on errands to pay all of her accounts. After, giving all of my info, giving my finger prints and getting my picture made I moved to the next window to wait for my little blue piece of new license....Mark then started his process and after more than 3 hours of waiting in one day...we finally have our Honduras license and only need to do it again in 2 years

we paid for the grade we could of at least got an 90%

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