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Friday, June 28, 2013

The Importance of Giving.........

In our life we all try to give to others. Maybe we give to charities or to the Salvation Army bell ringers. We give to all kinds of causes from animal shelters, cancer research to political parties. However, one of the most important ways you can give and one of the most important causes you can support is "missions". This is not a blog saying "please support us". We want to share with you what we have been teaching here in Honduras. You see, yes, it took people supporting missions to get us here and to help us on a daily basis even now.

However, we are not the only missionaries in the world. In fact we might not be supported by many of the people who read our blog. We just want to encourage you to give to your church and to it's missions program. There are thousands of missionaries around the world and we all have the same root cause. That cause is telling others about Jesus. Here in Honduras we want the children to grow up and see that it is important that they support missions as well. Right now, we are in our second year of giving to missions. Each year we have a missions conference and after we make
 a "Faith Promise" to give for missions for the year. We encourage the children to give but they have to make the decision and they have to earn the money to give. Here in Honduras our church designates the last Wednesday night of every month as our missions offering. At the end of every month and sometime earlier the children who have promised to give will come to us and ask for an extra job to do. Sometimes. it maybe washing the cars, cleaning the outdoor windows, or maybe even chopping the grass around banana trees. They all earn their money and take it to the church. You can tell they are proud that they are not only giving but that they worked for the money to be able to do it. Our church here supports many missionaries and we want the children to understand that just like people who give so that they can live in Esperanza and know what it is like to have a Christian family there are other missionaries around the world who need to be supported as well. So, if you already give to missions "Thank YOU"....if you don't we challenge you to give so that you to can be blessed.

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