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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's Not To Late!

Reading in my devotion the scriptures were in Matthew 20:1-16. Here in this passage it is the story of the vineyard workers. Many workers were out early looking for work, When the master of the land saw them he offered them a job and they agreed to work for a penny. The master then continued to check on the work in progress and saw many more men waiting for a job. So, he offered a job to them as well. This happened many more times including at the end of the day 1 hour before the work day ended. When, all the men were in a line, the owner paid the men their penny. This master is just like Jesus. He continues to offer a chance to have a new life. I am thankful that at the age of 6-7, I trusted Christ as my Savior. However, because I was so young.......I did not live like I could have for the Lord. Did I live right all those I proud of I am however, grateful and thankful for a God who is merciful and gives second chances. While, I could never lose my salvation I am thankful that God was still willing to use me and my life for HIS service. It is the same for you today my friend. It is not to late, no matter your age or your past. We can all do something for Christ. It maybe that we have trusted Christ when we were young but feel that because of mistakes and our past failures we are not worthy to serve the Lord. This is not true. If we are willing to ask God to forgive us....there is still ways that HE can use us. If you have never trusted is your's not to late. Just a few weeks ago on visitation I was able to see a 50 year old lady saved. She was made a new creature in Christ, and now she can serve the Lord. He is waiting........our God is a God of second just have to be willing to give it to HIM and ask HIM to help you and forgive you of your sins. This can't just be have to mean it, in your heart, you have to repent and acknowledge that HE is who the BIBLE says HE have to acknowledge that HE was born to die for YOU and for ME and all to come.......HE was the payment for our sins. He longs to have a personal relationship with's not to late.....but your time could run out before you make a decision and then it will be to late. Don't wait until the afterlife which is Heaven or Hell to say .......I wish I had only believed and trusted Christ.....because that is when its to late.....

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