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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Well, the last week has truly been an experience.....between sickness, bug bites, mystery swelling of eyes, stitches and then no water. Whew! The devil knows how to lay it on you. However, we know that God is in control but when you have no water, man! You have a difficult life. Our house has 22 people living in it. That means everything is multiplied by 22. So, here is a daily run down:
22 breakfast bowls or plates
22 spoons or forks
22 cups
whatever dishes used to make breakfast
mop buckets to clean floors
at least 20 flushes of a toilet before breakfast(depending)
20 using water to brush teeth before school

at least 4 loads of laundry daily

22 cups
22 plates
mop buckets to clean floors
20 more flushes of the toilet

afternoon playing outside
20 possible toilet flushes
20 sets of hands washed

washing 44 little hands
bathing 22 people before dinner

22 plates
22 cups
22 forks
then whatever dishes were used to make dinner
22 more flushes of the toilet
22 brushing their teeth before dinner
another possible 22 flushes of the toilet before bedtime

So, when we have no water.....we have a hard time. The last two days we have had no water. Not sure if they were working on the lines or what the cause was. We managed to get by with using plastic and paper for meals to eat off of. We filled up buckets from our creek to flush toilets. That still left us with washing dishes, washing clothes and washing bodies. So, we decided to use bottled water to give baths on Sunday night. It took (3) 5 gallon bottles to bath us all but we were grateful for them.

Now, we are wanting to construct a pila outside or an outside water tank to hold water. It will cost us around $200 or so. So, that is our next need if you would like help. Click here DONATE NOW 
Be sure to click that it is for HOPE OF HONDURAS

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