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Sunday, November 9, 2014

God ALWAYS Provides.......

more than 100 ant bites
It seems like just yesterday we were dating in the hospital with Oscar. It seems like yesterday that we knew we were going to have a bill that was not budgeted for. It seems like yesterday we were hoping and praying that he would start to feel better so that we could leave. We are so thankful of fall of those who prayed for him and for us during that time. We are just thankful that it was already in the works for them to return to the cottage. we often sit back and think what would have happened to them if when they walked out that day with their mom what state would their little bodies be in right now. We serve a mighty God who answers prayers...I know that for sure. He also provided all of the funds we needed to pay the bill off in full. We had a bill of right at $1,000. We had been given $300. That left $698 left to be paid. I received an emial from an old high school in which only thanks to FB have we been able to keep in touch for it has been at least 20 years since I have seen her. However, her and her sweet family of 4 had been setting some money aside....and felt she needed to give it to us. Her words were just this...."I know that this will not pay the bill in full but at least it will help out." I began to cry reading those words. She had no idea that the balance was just $698. She strictly followed the Lords leading and provided what they had. God is so good. He is faithful to those that yield to HIS voice. I am thankful that we have friends both near and far that pray for us and even support us monthly, and or when we put out a need. We know it is because of all three of these types of supporters we can keep on keeping on for the Lord. So, when you are feeling down and not sure what to do...just call upon HIM and look up because MY GOD ALWAYS SUPPLIES>>>>>
finally resting in the hospital

last night playing around with a play cookie.....:)

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