Team Honduras

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bugs, Bugs and more Creatures

Okay, so if you know me; you know that I am not one for bugs and critters. Let me just say that the Lord must be preparing us for Honduras. I try really hard to keep everything clean and tidy. Well here in Florida I have never seen so many lizards, fire ants, and Palmetto roaches.

When you walk out the front door lizards scatter all over the place. When you walk from place to place through the grass you have to watch out for ant hills. Then at night well that is when roaches come out. In my mind roaches remind me of filth and being dirty. My house is almost super clean and yet here they are. I have been assured that these Palmetto roaches are not like the disease carrying ones, "but come on people a roach is a roach in my book"!

Okay so last night we have dinner, play some Wii and then get ready for bed. Everything is great we pray and we are all off to sleep. Then this morning just before 5, I feel the bed shake and Mark's arms swinging all other the place. Then, I realize that he is beating the floor with something. He then began to proceed to say there was something crawling on his back and he slapped it off. He said, "when it hit the wall I knew it was a roach and a big one".

Can you say that for the rest of the time all I could think about were bugs crawling all over me. The Lord never said that following HIM would be easy. However, I will be checking into one of those RIDEX Plug exterminators today.


  1. I know this is not funny to you, but I laughed right out loud at Mark hitting that bug!

    I would have been the same way and I would have laid there awake too!

  2. Yes, it was kindly funny and scary at te same time....still gives me the