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Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Whirlwind......

Well this weekend we have been SUPER busy. Friday night was our slow night of just hanging out at the house. Saturday we awoke to the whole "bug crawling" thing. Then later that after noon we went out with some friends and college kids from the home. When I say college kids, I am referring to some guys and gals who have grown up in the home and have decided to give their lives to Jesus and attend Bible College. Some are even going as far as West Coast in CA. Anyways, we ate at one of our favorite restaurants....can you guess.....Cracker Barrel. Then we headed off to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays vs. The Texas Rangers. Of coarse we pulled for Josh Hamilton and the Rangers. They lost however, in extra innings.

Then on Sunday we traveled with the singing group from the home to meet with a church that supports them. Please pray for this church(SunCoast Bpt) as well, we will be going back in a few weeks to share our burden for a children's home in Honduras. We feel that this is a great opportunity and the Lord is opening up doors for our funding. They were a very nice congregation and we enjoyed the service and the Pastor was right on top of Biblical principles with his Sunday morning message.

Sunday night we attended our new church Southside Bapt. Church. Pastor Nance had a great sermon on "Sheep in Wolves Clothing". Once we returned home we had a surprise birthday party for a friend at the home named Nelly. She is originally from Honduras.....hmmm...maybe we can convince her to come with us when we leave. She loves the kids and especially Josiah.

Today started our day all over again with school, work and then a benefit dinner to help those young adults be able to attend college. Remember that the kids that are in this home are here because their families could not care for them or maybe they just did not want them anymore. One dear sweet girl who is going off to college for her second year has been in the home since she was 23 months old. She has a super sweet spirit about her and holds no bitterness. Thankfully she has trusted the Lord as her Savior and Hope is her home on earth and Heaven is her home for eternity.

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  1. Who wouldn't love Josiah?? :)

    We're glad things are going well.