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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Free Time!....What is that?

Well, I know that some of you are wondering why I don't get to blog as often as I would like. Let me tell you...this is a busy place. We are always doing something whether it is school, working, playing with the kids or going to church functions. Monday and Tuesday of this week kicked off our back-to-school revival. It was truly amazing to see God work in the lives of the kids here on campus. There were many decisions made and even "1" salvation. PRAISE the Lord. It was awesome to see how God can move in the lives of children. The little girl who was saved has only been in the home for a little over a month. A month and 19 days to be exact. She has 3 older brothers who are also in the home. The boys are really struggling with the transitions that they have had to make coming to live here. They came from a home where it is obvious that the Lord did not dwell. Please pray for them, their names are Caleb, Christopher, and Austin. They all have taken a real liking to Mark and I so pray for us as well, as we try to be Godly examples for them. Sometimes, kids just need to know that there is someone there willing to hear what is on their hearts and mind. I can not even begin to imagine the thoughts going through their heads. One minute they are home with their dad and the next they are living far away from family with rules and guidelines to follow. It is really sad at the stories that this kids have but on the positive side, isn't it great to know that 'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.' It was not the will of the kids but the will of God that brought each of them here. It is also amazing that there are many that we have met in the few weeks that we have been here that are going to Bible Colleges all over the country. Some of them are going to PCC, West Coast Bible College, Heartland, Trinity and others. It is great to know that God can use the circumstances that are bad in our lives and use them for good and give Him the Glory and Honor. It brings me to the story in the Bible of the blind man. The disciples asked whose sin is it that caused this man to be blind? I love Jesus' answer, it is no ones sin but for "MY GLORY". It just gives me chills to think that these kids while they can't grasp why their parents did not want them or whatever the case may be....God was preparing the next DL Moody, Billy Sunday, Hudson Taylor, David Livingston, Amy Carmichael and so on. So I challenge my readers to not let circumstances control what you are going to do but let God lead you where he would have you to go.

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