Team Honduras

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two New Adventures Here......

It has been a busy week here in Honduras. The cottage is almost complete. They are only working on small things inside such as hanging the lights. After that, we will have to wait until our container arrives. The next phase will be to paint and to decorate the cottage. We will have some odds and end things to take care with the help of work groups that come from the states. We recently, went to check on ceiling fans as well as large appliances. This is a very costly group of items for the home. We were going to purchase them here in Honduras, however, it looks like it could cost a large amount more than if they were purchased in the states. Please help us by praying for the funds for these items so that they can be put on the container.

We had a very interesting day on Tuesday. Mark was invited to speak to the local fire station just above where are new home will be. There are only 2 fire stations in El Progreso that serve over 200,000 people. They also only have 5-6 people working at a time and sometimes have to repsond to calls an hour from the station. Here there is no paging system, so that means that someone must man the office phone 24 hours a day. They receive calls from 112 (or as we know it 911 dispatch) along with calls made from personal phones for emergencies. While Mark was talking with the guys from the station he noticed that they only had 1 airpack. That means that the guy holding the nozzle of the hose gets the mask while the others behind cover their mouths and nose with their hand. Please pray for these men, what a dangerous job it is to begin with and here they do not even have the proper equipment to help the citizens of their city. We are praying that this can also be an area of outreach for us along with the children's home. I know that Mark hopes to go back and encourage the men with training in the future. Please pray for him because this is an awesome opportunity to witness to these men. They put Josiah up in the trucks and let him try on a helmet....he thought he was in Heaven....

Something very interesting happened to me this week as well. I had my very first driving expereince in a new country. Some of you may be thinking what is so interesting about that? Well, let me clue you in a little....see when we lived in Costa Rica for language school neither of us drove for an entire year. We took a public bus or a taxi when we could not go where we needed by foot. So, I was already without a car for a year. We headed back to the states before we moved and I drove some in Tampa when mark would let missed driving a it is a man thing to when we moved here I knew that I wanted to have a little bit of my independency back and the only way to do that was to get behind the wheel. Here you have to be a defensive driver. You have to not only be aware of the other cars on the road but also the people walking, riding horse and carts, mopeds, bikes, and motorcycles. Here, people pass on both sides of the road and cut you off in a quick moment. However, Taylor and I ventured to the grocery store and we had a successful trip back to the house.

We also were excited that we have now had our little Micah with us for 1 month as of Thursday. It is so amazing at how fast the time has flown by, as well as how much he has already changed.


  1. It sounds like a whole new way of life to share His word. Imagine what a future you have

  2. I think we should start calling Mark ----CAR 1