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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Please join us in Prayer.......

I know that this is not a new request but we really need prayer in the area of donations for our container. There are so many things that we need and it would be more cost effective to get those things in the states. We are so close to being able to move into the cottage but without our container it just would not be possible. We have many things purchased and have received some very important needs for the children. However, if we can not get enough to fill the container it would not be cost effective to ship it over. This is going to be a sad thing for us for it will greatly delay the shipping of the container until September or October. We do have all of our personal things there waiting plus our own furniture for our bedrooms. When we moved here we only packed the things that were necessary until we could get our container, with that said our family memories, books, and such are all waiting in storage in Tampa at the children's home. If we can not move in ourselves it will only prolong when we will actually be able to take in children. We are asking that all of our friends and readers join us in prayer to fill this container. If you would like to help you can visit our WISH LIST on (you will need to type in Amy Coats) then click on my name as the link and a list of items will pop up. There are all kinds of items that we need from bedding to toys that range in price starting at $5. The wonderful thing is that no matter where you live or what you purchase you can have it shipped to the local store in Tampa FREE of CHARGE. You just NEED to list our helper Mandy Higgins as the pick-up person and she will pick it up and put it in storage for us.
If you do this please be sure to LIST our EMAIL ADDRESS  so that we can ensure you receive a tax receipt for your giving. Thank YOU ALL AGAIN for everything that you do for us.

again the link is:
type in Amy Coats
select my name when it pops up
remember to use site to store option with STORE # 5036
Tampa Walmart Supercenter Store #5036
 6192 Gunn Hwy
Tampa, FL 33625
Phone: (813) 968-6477

When it ask for email address please use: amy@teamhonduras
and make pick-up person: Mandy Higgins

Thanks Again ...We know that God will provide the things the home needs and the container will ship in time to be here for August. So that we can help the children of Honduras.....there are already many that need the home just within the church here. Please help us HELP the CHILDREN of Honduras.

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