Team Honduras

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pastor Fain, with his group and our kids
Sorry it has been awhile since our last blog but things have been very busy around here. We have had tons to do with the building and getting our documents for residency. We worked hard to get all of our papers in the states and had everything we needed.....just one small problem...they are all in English. So, I spent about a week or so translating all of the documents. That was a large task to conquer between caring for 2 little boys.  But Praise the Lord it is finished. 

We also had a small team from Ketucky help out with the building. Pastor Jeff Fain from Immanuel Baptist Church in Kentucky along with 5 young men from his church came down to spend a week here with Team Honduras. They were able to sand all of the walls in the cottage to help prepare them for the painting process. Thanks were a huge blessing to us. Having a 4,000 square foot building means lots of walls and they all helped Mark and Hunter knock it out in a day. Next step...Paint...Wahooooo!

The cottage is getting closer and closer to being down everyday. This week they have installed the lights and put up light poles around the property. They have also been working on the back staircase to the bodega or storage area above the house. Another very important thing..... the guys have been welding the bars for the windows. While no-one really wants to have these on their windows they turned out very nice. They will also help to keep us safe. The cottage should be ready by the end of this month. Then it is just a game of waiting for our items to be purchased and put on the container. God has put so many people in our path and you all have helped us out so much. It has been a HUGE BLESSING to see all the things that have been purchased for Esperanza de Honduras. Thank YOU...we have just a few more things we really need to have before it is ready to ship.

We have some other exciting news for you all. Micah is now an official Hondureno. We went yesterday with help from Juan Carlos (a member from our church) to get his birth certificate.  We started by going with Bro. Matt to the Register of Deeds only to find out that when they gave us his paper at the hospital they forgot to stamp it. So, we headed back to the hospital in San Pedro to get a stamp/seal put on it. Having a "gringo baby" here means that people are always looking at you and loven on the baby. We walked right in to find the same young lady who had helped us the day he was born. We walked out with 3 copies of the paper we needed and headed back to get his birth certificate. Now, MICAH is step..passport and birth abroad certificate.


  1. Wow, Micah is growing so fast!

  2. wait a minute lights on pole and bars on windows ??? Did you guy mess up and move the the rough part of the town ???? Real quick - just move the whole complex a few blocks over me

  3. What does Birth Aboard means I dont get it how you apply for one.