Team Honduras

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Are you using your talent for the Lord?

Everyone has been given a talent. Some of us have the talent to sing or play a musical instrument. Some of us have been given the talent to speak to others through teaching, preaching or simply words of encouragement. Some of us have the crafty skills, the cooking skills or even the hospitality skills. No matter what it may be we all have been given a talent. But the question is "Are you using your talent for the Lord?" Many of you who know us know that we are apart of Team Honduras. The team started a church plant here almost 7 years ago. With that first church plant we now have Iglesia Bautista El Faro. We average over 200 in attendance and have a wide variety of people who attend our church. Tonight, I would like to talk about a young lady who truly is using her talent for the Lord. Ester is a member of our church, a wife and a mother to a 3 year old. She always has the biggest smile on her face and she loves to sing. She helps by serving in many areas of the church from the choir to the nursery. However, while she uses all of those she has a special talent. She has the art of painting nails. I know, I know you men do not care anything about nails but please finish reading. You see in the states.....and I hate to admit it...but we pay anywhere from $18-$28 for a really good pedicure. Well, being that we are in another country where gross income is no where even close to what the average person makes, you can get a pedicure for around ....are you ready.....$2.50. Well, Ester does a WONDERFUL job. She is very particular about her work and takes the upmost care. She will spend at least 2 hours on one person easy. Right now we have an area in the church that will one day be the kitchen. However, first we need to have tile put down. With that said there is the area of money. We all know that God will provide the funds that we need but before we can start we have to have the money. Since this is the kitchen, the ladies of the church are trying to raise money to have this part of the kitchen complete. One day Ester mentioned to Dallita that she wanted to help with giving money to the tile fund. She decided that she would dedicate 3 Saturdays in a row to painting nails and all the money collected would go to this fund. She worked hard and had many people lined up for each day. She was able to give L1,000 (limps) or $50. While to some that is not alot...... to her it was a HUGE sacrifice. She spent many hours cutting, filing and painting nails and never kept any for herself. She gave 100% to the tile fund. She just gave up 11 days worth of wages. Have you ever given up anything for the Lord? Have you used your talent for the Lord? I know that God will provide the money needed to put the tile down and to complete the kitchen($5,000). I just wanted you all to know what a sacrifice she has made for the Lord. With great sacrifice comes big blessings in return. I hope that through the children's home, my own children and also in my own giving...I can be an Ester and help to also raise some Ester's for the Lord.
This is Ester w/ the necklace on her sister Yadira and their mom.


  1. I was once told that you are truly giving until you give til it hurts. That's when God blesses you the most

  2. I promise you and Mark are in a huge way. If we all did Gods work like you guys the world would be amazingly better