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Friday, August 19, 2011

Things You Do Today Are An Investment For The Future........

 Have you ever thought about how what you do today will impact what the future will hold?  Remember the parable of the sower? This parable is mentioned in the first three gospels; Matthew, Mark and Luke.  It talks about how the sower planted seeds, some seeds fell by the way side and the birds ate them, other fell into the rocks and grew but because they had no soil they were scorched by the sun. The others fell onto good soil and grew and became productive. It makes me think of how we spend our time and days. Do we carelessly throw out seeds. What I mean is that do we plant seeds without thinking......for having an impatient attitiude in a store or bank line? Do we plant seeds of bitterness because someone has somehow wronged us in someway? Do we plant seeds of anger or unkindness becasue we are inconvienced or bothered by someone elses actions?  I have to step back and think about these things myself. I remember when we lived in the states and I hated being in the line where I was behind the person with 2 carts of groceries and the there was no-one else working. Many times we take it out on the poor cashier just doing her job. I also remember in the states when the kids were small and I did not want anyone to touch them because of germs and sickness and such. Here, it is very different....the people love children...and they love American children....they call them little dolls. It is not uncommon for a women in a store to take Micah out of my arms and cuddle him like he was there own. Does this get to me sometimes....yes....but what I have thought and thought about this and the fact is....  they have a deep love for us....if I refuse to let them hold him or touch him...what kind of message am I sending them? I am suppose to be sharing the Lord with the lost. If I refuse, I could cut off the ability that I have to share the gospel. For, I am no different than they are...I just have Christ in my life. 

Today, we had a play date with Elsey and Angie. Angie is a 12 year old from our church. She is a prospect for the childrens home. (please help us by praying that her grandma's heart will be sensitive to the idea and will allow her to live with us when we plan to open in October).  Taylor and I set off to go and pick the girls up for our day of fun. We stopped by and ordered pizza so that it would be ready after we had picked everyone up. Our first stop was at Elsey's house. When she saw us she came running and with her little nephew Daniel. She wanted to know if he could come as well. Sure, I replied and he climbed right on in. Next, we headed over to Angie's house. I love that I am learning where everyone lives and where what road leads where. On the way we saw 3 of our children from our childrens church class. I rolled the window down and they came over. We sat and chatted for a few minutes and I  loved that we could talk.  tI took a few minutes to talk to each of them. (an investment...yes).

We were able to get Angie and head to the house. We had lots of fun today. We ate pizza and made cupcakes. Played outside, climbed some trees, drew pictures on the walls surrounding the property. We chased each other, hit volleyballs, caught tarantulas....and laughed. Was this an investment, YES, was it worth it yes.....will we see the benefits....already have in their smiles.......see if you can plant a seed and make an investment will be glad that did.
Elsey and Taylor

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