Team Honduras

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Es un Nombre Nueva en la gloria.......

 Tonight was an awesome night here in Honduras.....por es un nombre nueva en la gloria....for there is a new name written in glory. On Monday, Mark and I were able to visit with Elsey and take her to the eye doctor. I then also reminded her that we were going to come pick her up for Wednesday night church. When we arrived tonight she was not ready. I opened the door to talk to her about church, she had forgotten but asked if she could change. She quickly ran back inside to change her shirt and put on a skirt. Once we arrived at church she wanted to be a big help and she also had started to chat with some of the other girls her age. She sat with me during the service and copied my every move. If I crossed my legs she did the same, If I folded my arms, she quickly followed. If I tugged my dress to make sure it was covering my knee....she tried to do the same. I knew her little eyes were watching everything that I did. I was praying that tonight would be the night she would receive Christ. Pastor Matt preached a wonderful message. Time came for the alter call. I personally had some things weighing heavy on my heart tonight with family in the states. So, I walked to the front to pray. When I returned to my sit....she was gone....I was worried that she had wondered to the nursery or was outside somewhere. I began to pray and ask that she would not be a distraction to those on the alter...if in fact she was somewhere she should not have been. I lifted my eyes to see if I could see her. She popped to her feet...she had been on the far side of the alter praying. Once she had returned to her seat I could tell there was something different. As Pastor Matt began to conclude the invitation and pray...I could hear was mixed with sniffles. I bent down lower and could make out these words..."yes father" yes father". Tears started to flow and she began wiping her face. After the service we sat for announcements and she squeezed my hand. We sang a fitting song to end the service..."When the roll is called up Yonder". After church I quickly pulled her aside and asked why she was crying? She replied, "I just want someone to help me...I want Jesus to help me." I asked her if she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart? She said yes. My heart swelled with excitment. I then called Mark over and we began to share with her. Mark was able to lead Elsey to the Lord tonight. What a wonderful day it has been maybe she will go home on fire and tell her mom all about her new life. For when the roll is called up yonder...her name will be called. Please pray for me and that the Lord will use my mouth as a tool for him. I plan on going over there tomorrow to talk more with her mom. Praise the Lord 100x for the New Name Written Down in Glory Tonight!


  1. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! I am praying for you all , and for Elsie and her mom.

  2. I find I wait for the next blog entry as if it was the calling of they winner of the lottery. But today as I read this entry I found myself stopping because I couldn't see through me tears. I asked myself what have I done for God lately. Am I working for HIM or the world. Loved this entry most of all TOUCHED MY HEART. THANK YOU