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Monday, August 8, 2011

When things don't go our way.......

 So, yesterday morning Mark leaves to pick-up some people for church. Taylor, the little boys and I are left at home to leave a little later. We all pile in the car and Taylor goes to get the gate......but my car will not start. I have been having some trouble with the battery. We try to wiggle the we call Mark. He tries to tell us over the phone what do.....not working....not only am I dressed up for church...but we are sweating like pigs under the hood of the car. I was so frustrated. We are apart of the choir and we were suppose to sing that morning plus Mark and I teach children's church for the 6-9 year olds. WHAT IS GOING ON?????? After many attempts to get the car to crank, I ask Mark just to come and get us.

While waiting for Mark my cell phone is Elsey. They have a cell phone that you have to buy minutes for. She said "Hola Hermana Amy" and then the phone hung up. I thought maybe she was at church and could not find me. Then, I get a text message asking if I could come pick her up. I thought to myself, what in the world, why did she not ride the bus?   Anyway, that was just part of my frustration for being late to Sunday School because of the car. So, I call her back and tell her mom that we are on the way to pick her up.

We pull down the dusty path to her house. There are many children walking down the street and Mark says, "those children need to be in church". We pull to the corner of her street and there stands a cute little girl and boy.....then from around the corner runs Elsey. She goes over to the little girl as to give her a hug but instead picks her up and motions for the little boy to follow her. We were like, WOW! Here she has just trusted Christ as her Savior and she has already started to change. I asked her about the two little kids and she said that they were her sisters children. She wanted them to be able to come. I asked her about the bus and she replied that she went to get Daniel and on her way back she had missed the bus. Praise the Lord that my car would not start. You see, I leave my phone in the car during church, so had I left we would have already gotten to the church and she would not have been able to come or those two little kids. (Which by the way are 1 1/2 and 4 years old). This is to say that when things don't go your is because you might just need to help someone out. We were excited to see the new light in her eyes....behind the new glasses.....she wants to share with others the change in her life.....

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  1. That is a great story, Amy. Thank you for sharing. Oftentimes, I get so wrapped up in how I am inconvenienced by how something is affecting me. As a result, I lose sight in remembering how God is truly orchestrating everything in and around our lives. That "set back" could easily be an opportunity be used by Him.

    Stories like these help reset my mind to always be patient and available.