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Friday, October 26, 2012

And we are now 20..........

Today, was a day unlike any other. Mark and I know that God has placed all the children in Esperanza for a reason. Each one of them have a different and unique circumstance. However, today....we with the Lords help have truly rescued a little girl. We really are full considering we have 8 boys and 4 girls. However, the Lord knew that this little girl needed help. Yesterday, we drove by to talk with Kathya's mom about placing her in the home. When we approached her house we found a chicken coop. Friends I am very sincere when I say it was a chicken coop. She has been sleeping on the ground in her house. She also was recently taken to the doctor with a fever and severe infection. She had so many lice and so many bites that it has infected her body. One side of her face is swollen and she has severe pain in her ear. She has been getting antibiotic shots now for a few days and will continue for the next few days. Kathya is nine years old and has never been to school. She can not read she can not write. She does not know how to spell her name or know when she was born. Today, was a new beginning for her. She has had a hot shower, we have cleaned and had her hair cut and she gets to sleep in a nice soft bed that she has all to herself. Please be in prayer for Kathya as she now has hope for the future.

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