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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Baby Soft and Headbands..................

Today, was one of the sweetest and most special days here in the ministry. Karla and I were trying to get the remaining lice out of Kathya's hair and get her ready to go get her shot. After I washed her hair we decided to give her some "Baby Soft: spay. I remember when I was a little girl and my momma gave me this as my perfume. I felt so special and it smelled so clean. Today, we sprayed that on Kathya and she just smiled and said "gracias". We then combed her hair nice and pretty and placed a new pink headband on top. I asked her if she wanted to look in the mirror. She said yes......she looked at herself for a few seconds......her face lite up and she grabbed me and hugged me and with the sweetest most sincere little voice said......"muchas gracias Hermana Amy".(thank you very much Mrs. Amy). Tears started to flow as I thought of this poor little girl looking at herself and seeing herself beautiful for the first time. It is the little things like headbands and baby soft that can make a difference....but not only that..........but that someone actually took the time to love her and brush her hair and make her feel beautiful. I know as a women I need to feel pretty what is the difference in a child hearing those words and having those feelings. Today Kathya felt like a pretty little girl! Here she is.....(I can't wait to see her tomorrow ready for church...)

**************If anyone would like to send pretty hair bows and decorative headbands...we can always use them. The girls love to have pretty bows and things for their hair***************

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