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Friday, October 19, 2012

To Be 11 years Old...................

Do you remember when you were eleven years old? What your life was like? What you did for fun? I so remember when I was 11 years old. I was in between the stage of kid and teen. I still loved to play with dolls but I had a hobby of drawing and just playing outside with my friends. I had no worries....knew no burdens and had a care free life knowing that every night I would sit around a table eat dinner, shower and then it was off to bed.

Living here in Honduras this is not the life of many11 year olds. We see many who have no future but to follow down a path of a broken life where survival is the only way. This weekend we are having our team planning meeting for 2013. We traveled to a small town about an hour from where we live. This little town is near a lake which means it is a huge fishing community.

After our morning session we decided to head to one of the local fish houses for some freshly caught and fried fish. Just like in any area here in Honduras you are greeted with people and children trying to sell you something. Many have sunglasses, cell phone cords and holders, cheeses, sweets knick-knacks and so -on. We had about 5 or 6 people ask us if we wanted anything and we nicely said "no gracias". Then a little girl approached selling bags of cut up suagr-cane. We told her no thank you and continued with our lunch. She stood a little ways off. When we were done with our lunch the little girl approached the end of the table and looked at the skeleton of a fish on Brother Matt's plate and asked if she could have it. He said yes and she pulled out a small plastic bag and raked all of the leftovers inside. She then passed on over to 2 other plates asking for the same. It broke our heart. Here was a 11 year old girl who worked selling sugar cane strips and asking for scrapes of food. How sad is it to think that a 11 year old has no future...she does not go to school...she has 3 siblings at home and she helps work to take care of her family. Her name is Elisia. We might never ever see this young girl again.....but little girls like her are the reason that God has put Esperanza de Honduras here. To give hope to children that otherwise would be without a future.

Elisia 11 years old

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