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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Child Sponsorship Program

We Need a Sponsor.........
Many of you have asked what our Sponsorship Program is all about. It cost more than $125 a month to keep one child in the home and supply their daily needs, medical and dental care as well as their schooling. With the sponosorship program you "adopt so to speak" a child in Esperanza to care for. You will be sent a picture via email for you to see your child. If your child for some reason leaves the home your funds will be gpo towards helping a new child and you will receive a new picture. You can choose to sponsor 100% or do a partial.

STEP 1: email us at or so that we can assign you a child.

STEP 2: Mail your contributions to Hope Childrens Home in Tampa Florida

C/O of Mark and Amy Coats Honduras Fund

11415 Hope International Drive

Tampa, Florida 33625

or you can set up online donations by visiting click on donate now.....then enter your inforamtion and be sure to write that this is for the Honduras/Coats Ministry We have listed all of the steps on the left hand side of the blog home page if at anytime you need to review the information or wish to share it with others. You should also look into seeing if your place of employment matches gifts given to non-profit organizations as this is a non-profit childrens home.

You can also choose to send your adopted child cards, letters or packages for special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas or special holidays.

Thank you all for taking the time to check out what sponsoring a child at Esperanza is all about.

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