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Saturday, February 2, 2013


Being that we are a non-profit organization and all of our funds are freely given are in need of certain items. You can help us here in Honduras by checking our our URGENT NEEDS list on the left hand side of our blog homepage. We will update it as we receive items. We here do not just ask for things we pray for them. However, God uses people to help answer those needs. Some items can be bought here in country while others are either to costly to buy here or not available. Please see if you can help us with the needs that we currently have. Thank YOU all.
Shampoo/Conditioner ($4.00 a bottle)

Formula ($15 a can)

diapers ($36 a case)

Pledge/dust cleaner ($4.00 a bottle)

*toothpaste($3.00 a tube)

*butterfly closures

*deodorant(it is $4 here)

toilet bowl cleaner $10(2pk)

toilet paper $15(24pk)

*Tylenol/ (adult and Jr)

*Gummy Vitamins

*Toddler Finger Snacks/Walmart brand or gerber

*Vitamin C tablets for kids

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