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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Again God Proves that He will Supply Our Needs....

Saturday night we were sorting through a box of clothes that had been given to us. Inside were some items that our girls could wear in about 10 years. Really they were more for a women. So, we decided that a few of them we would put in a bag for Kathya's mom.  She doesn't have a large lavish closet of clothes and in fact only has one pair of shoes. Yes, ladies we are spoiled if we have more than 5 pair. Can you only imagine having one pair and that pair is a pair of flip-flops. She usually wears the same thing to church each week and pretty much works in rags. So, we bagged them up and with pride Sunday morning Kathya walked out of the house to church with them in her hand. We barely made it out the door when a lady from our church brought over a bag with the about the same amount of items in it for the boys. (which was needed because it was pants) I love how God works. You give and HE gives right back to you.....again we are living proof that God provides.

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