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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

You are Being Watched........

Have you ever gone to the mall just to people watch? To see how people act, what they do....and even to see what in the world they were thinking when they dressed themselves that morning and walked out of the house? We call that " people watching". I am sure we can all say that we have done it before. However, have you ever stopped to think that people are watching YOU? They are watching your actions and reactions, they are listening to the language you use, and how you dress. Thanks to good ole technology.....people are watching you even closer. I have to admit that I sit in awe sometimes at what my friends Christian and NonChristian post on Facebook. The pages and jokes they like....and even the language that they use.....if you are a Christian people are really watching you. Sometimes the very things we say, we do and post are a direct reflection or the exact opposite reflection of a life centered around Christ. While sometimes we might not even talk about Christ or the Bible people can see if HE is apart of their life. Have you ever gotten angry or annoyed at a clerk at Walmart? Have you ever been " not so nice" to the tell are at the bank because they can't process a transaction fast enough for you? I have to admit I have let my flesh get to me.....just remember that if claim to be a Christian your actions should reflect that. You see that person behind you in line might not be a Christian....that cashier might not want be a Christian....and after they see you and how you behave...they might say....well at least I don't act like I am already better off than with their religion. Are we human....yes, but we should not respond without thinking ahoy our actions are going to be received. Titus 3:1-8 is a good chapter to read about how we are a living sermon even if we never say a word. Verse 14 says this......and let ours also learn to maintain good works for necessary uses, that they be not unfruitful. 

Our lives here especially in another country mean that people are always watching us. They expect us not only as Christians but as Americans from the states to be different. To be honest, to have money (lol) to do things the right have a better understanding of how things work and working hard. we are being watched by lots of little children and lots of Honduran people. WE ARE BEING WATCHED........and so are YOU.

 So I challenge you to do good let others see your love for Christ so that everything you may do will bring forth fruit for The Lord.

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