Team Honduras

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thinking of the past in the present......

Sitting here on the front porch while a few of the kids are happily playing, others are sitting because they are miserable and others are asleep in the bed because the chicken pox have hit them really hard. I started to think of the old days before Medicine, before vaccinations, before good hygiene. I know that some are opposed to vaccines....however, I am not. I see right now what one childhood illness has done to our home. It has attacked almost all. While three of our four children have had the chicken pox vaccine and still ended up with a case of the chicken pox it is not anywhere close to what the kids look like that have never had the shot. I can only imagine the depression and desperation in the hearts and eyes of the mothers and fathers of the past as they watched their families die from sicknesses that could have been prevented. I do not know all the cases of chicken pox here right now but I do know that it has hit our home, our church, a local and a private school here. Most of these could have been prevented with a shot. We have kids here with high fevers and soars and blisters inside and outside of their mouthes. It breaks my heart to see them in such pain. One doesn't even want to use the restroom as she has them so bad. Please be in prayer here as we try to attack this epidemic which has crept into our lives.....and also that we can keep others from getting it. You know the devil uses the same tactics all the time to get people down.....this is only a test and we know that God will see us through......the road is tough.....but i remember a sweet Pastors wife Mrs Mae use to sing....."I wouldn't take nothing for my journey now"


  1. Will continue praying for good health to return to all!!

  2. Praying for strength, patience and comfort for you all as you get through this latest trial in life. I can't imagine so many sick ones with this illness at one time and know that only our loving Lord can bring you comfort and peace in this situation. Praying...
    Edie from NC