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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Take a Moment.........

Yesterday, like every Wednesday(when we can) Mark and I have a date lunch. We go and run errands and eat lunch out together. We decided to head to the mall and have lunch. While we were waiting for our food....we noticed two boys following a lady at the counter at Subway. They followed her and followed her but I don't think she ever gave them anything. However, after she walked off the guy from Subway cut two apples in half and gave each of them a whole apple. I was eating a salad and needed some more dressing. As I approached the counter the lady had told me she forgot to give us our fries that we had ordered.(really we had forgotten that we had ordered an extra set) However, I guess the Lord knew we needed them. I walked the hot fries over to them and they rapidly ate them up. Mark had ordered a nuggets meal and it also came with a drink we didn't need. So, we motioned for the boys to come get it. They sat down at the table next to us and started chatting away. Of coarse they also asked for "pisto" or money. We began to tell them about church and ask them questions as well. The one boy said his mom was dead and he lived with other family. The little one was 10 and the taller boy was 11. This was basically how they spent their days. Walking and begging for change and food. It really is the life for a lot of kids here. We invited them to church and gave them a tract. We left them and walked to the grocery store.....where the one boy ran as fast as he could to say I forgot my paper (tract). I told him it was for him and he smiled and ran back to get his friend. Well, that wasn't the end.....they scoped us out in the grocery store and followed us around each aisle they could find us on. Then they followed us to the truck. Here Mark was talking to them about their life and how he knew this was how they survived. He again invited them to church and gave them 20 lempira ($1) and told them they had to share they agreed they were going to go and buy an ice cream cone. You know we may never see them again.....but hopefully they know that someone took the time to talk to them and share with them and even if they never come.....they were invited to church and given a tract with Gods words on them.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this story! We never know whom God will place in our path nor the lasting impact our testimony and sharing of Christ may have on them.