Team Honduras

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Above the Clouds......lies the top of the Mountain......

Well, we have been in school now for a little over a week and things are going good. However, it can be a rather large obstacle to get over trying to learn a new in a new culture and all of the other things that have come our way....and it is becoming a proven fact that we are no "spring chicken" so to speak in the world of expanding ones education.

In just two weeks it is amazing the new friends that we have made and the things we have learned...not only in language but in culture.  Some people may thank that the people here are different because of the crime rate and other things they hear on the news about foreign countries and even that they have a different sense of values...but I have learned alot in just a few weeks about the hearts of people. Most people only look on the outside of a person to see who they are.....but regardless of what we see God see's and knows all. People are people no matter the color of their skin, mother tongue, or nationality. God made us all and for one purpose Glorify and fellowship with HIM.

I know that it is hard to believe....but after a week of school I am still not fluent in!!! Okay we all know that everything takes time and this is going to take time. I am pleased to say though that I have learned an overwhelming amount of things in that time. It is such a blessing to have teacher's here who care about us and are patient and encouraging. It is also nice to have friends that are here treading the same waters....and we are each trying to keep the other afloat with encouraging words and help.

This week I have really thought about ....can I really do this...? can I learn enough to help the children of Honduras...? You know what thought comes next?....I can...because God put me here...and HE knows that I can because he has called Mark and I to do HIS WILL. You see, of my own desires and thoughts....I can not accomplish much, but with the help of my Lord and Savior I can accomplish great things for HIM. I only need to empty myself and let God fill me up.

I go to the stores with the little Spanish that I know...and yet the people do all that they can to help me with my needs. I know that they do not understand me at all and it frustrates them and myself. But then I think this thought...." I have joy in my soul"...(Yo tengo gozo en mi alma)....for I know that one day they will be able to understand me and I will be able to witness to them with my mouth...but for now I can be a witness through my actions....acts of smiles, kindness, and being the best Christain that I can be for HIS names sake. For without a pure heart my words will be in vain. 

I will leave you with these few verses to think about....when you get discouraged and can't see the top of the mountain........I am pondering on them myself:

***So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.       Isaiah 55:11

asi sera mi palabra que sale de mi boca; no volvera a mi vacia, sino que hara lo que yo quiero, y sera prosperada en aquella para que la envie.                                                        Isaias 55:11

***Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead being alone. 
                 James 2:17
Asi tambien la fe, si no tiene obras, es muerta en si mis ma.
                 Santiago 2:17


  1. Thank you for sharing this- What an encouragement! Becky G. (again :) LOL)

  2. Becky you are so kind....I am thankful that the Lord has given me a gift to express my thoughts and heart...