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Saturday, May 8, 2010

What Mary must have felt.....

As, I sit in my house in another country thinking about Mother's Day and being miles away from my own mother and mother in law it brings Mary to my mind. I sit and think of the joy that she must have had in her heart knowing that God chose her and her only to have Jesus. He could have chosen any women in the world but he knew that no-one could have been more perfect than her to be the mother of HIS son. While we all have mother's God chose each one of them for us. He knew how each one of them would teach us and care for us. I know that just like the desires of our hearts...God answers prayer and gives us just what we need when we need it. God has blessed me with SIX children. It is hard for me to say sometimes without getting a little teared up but I have SIX children.

God blessed me with a mother who saw it fit for me to be in church, made me go to more VBS's than I ever cared to go to(LOL) but made sure that the word of God was hid in my heart. I am thankful for that.

Then, I got married and inherited a mother-n-law who loves the Lord and sets a good example for me and my kids as well. I am thankful for that too. Then, in 1996 the Lord blessed me with a beautiful baby girl. My little Taylor Marie.

 She has grown into a wonderful teenager. I am thankful that she loves the Lord and has a desire to please HIM and her parents. She isn't perfect and I do not expect her to be but I am thankful that she cares about whether or not she has disappointed her parents. I love you Taylor! Then, in 1998 the Lord blessed me again but this time with a Big Ole handsome baby boy....10lb 1oz Hunter James. He is a sweet boy and has trusted the Lord as his Savior...he is all boy however, and I pray that the Lord will call him to do a great work for HIM.

I love you Hunter! Then the Lord blessed me with another little baby...a baby girl Zoey....whom I love as much as the other two. How can you love someone you have never met? Well, the Lord said I knew you in your mother's womb. I knew my little baby girl, I can see her now running on the streets of gold with her long blonde hair and blue eyes just like her daddy.

I have even had dreams about her telling me that she is ok and for me not to be sad because that Jesus was watching after her. I love you Zoey! Then, comes Noah. Another gift from the Lord, a notch in my heart that will stay there forever but a face that I have only seen in black and white. He was not born but he has a better home in Heaven. I love you Noah!

Again, the Lord blessed me with another....not sure if this was a boy or girl but went with a Bible name and called him Uriah.

The Lord took this baby before I could hold him or see his face. I love you Uriah! The Lord saw fit to take three of my babies before I could hold them in my arms, give them a kiss, read them a story or let them know how much I loved them....why...I don't know....but I have to say that his thoughts are not my thoughts and my ways are not his ways....but his ways are always right. I do know one thing is for sure and that is I will see them again in Heaven one day. But this chapter of my life does not end in sorrow but in praise and that is the Lord does give us the desires of our hearts and he gave me my little man.

On April 7,2008 the Lord blessed me with my sixth baby...Josiah Ayden. He was worth waiting for. He has been a blessing and I know that he is not just a blessing to Mark and I but to all who meet him.

 He has not ever met a stranger that he did not like...he will hug you and kiss you even if he does'nt know you...the Lord has great big plans for my little man. Thank you Lord for the blessings that you have bestowed upon me as a mother. I pray that you will help me be the kind of mother to my children and to all the children that come across my path through Hope Children's Home both in the states and in Honduras. Lord thank you for choosing ME to be their mother. For my readers....think about how Mary must have felt...when God told her that she was going to be a mother...the mother of Jesus....and then think about your lives and the fact that he did the same thing to you....he chose you to be the mother of the children that you have....or will soon have. God has chosen each of us to be mothers so don't just think about that this mother's day THANK about it in prayer to the one who made it possible....Happy Mother's Day to my readers and friends.....

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  1. Amy, what a preciuos tribute to your family!! Thank you for being willing to share your heart!!! Totally praying for your sweet family!!! Hugs, my friend!!!