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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Almost Home..........

   Well, Wednesday March 30th we put all of our belongings into Fernando's van and headed to the airport in San Jose. It was a bitter-sweet time for us. Another chapter in our lives has closed and a new one is about to begin. I am so thankful for our time that we spent in Costa Rica and for all the friends that we have made along the way. We have many new missionary friends around the world as well as many Costa Ricans that have become dear to our hearts. We are so thankful for the teachers and staff that God put in our path to help us and encourage us in our Spanish skills over the past year. Not only our teachers but our neighbors and many that we met along the way.  We will surely miss them all.

Argentina Soccer Player(white shirt)
  Our first flight was interesting as we noticed that many people (AA employees kept coming on the plane before take-off). Costa Rica had played Argentina in a soccer game the night before and 2 of the players from Argentina were on the plane. Then as we were trying to get ready for our second flight in Miami we were in line behind a group of women....not really sure what kind of cult/group they were was nothing like we had ever seen before. They were in long skirts and had different types of scarves on their heads. One of the ladies were not able to pass because she did not have a photo I.D. so the lady checking passports, tickets and I.D. let us go ahead while they figured out what to do with her. Anyway, she had a bag that was on the x-ray table ready to go through. Well, we knew it was not our bag and so we put all of our stuff in front of it and left it there. I thought to myself..."I am not pushing someone else's bag...I have no idea what is inside". Behind us was another gentleman with a Hispanic background and he did the same thing, he was not gonna push the bag either. Come to find out, those ladies had a bunch of knives and liquids in their carry-on. All stuff which a normal person would know is not permitted on a plane. So, needless to say it was very interesting but thankful for how AA security handled the situation.

 Once we arrived in Tampa, we met another really sweet lady and she paid for us to get one of those carts to help with our 14 bags. It was not long and we loaded all of our things up in Pastor Mike's van and we headed home. However, not before we made our first gas station We stocked up on sodas, chips and American candy. Most of which we could not buy in Costa Rica. We sat around and chatted for awhile and were just overly excited to finally be in our "Home Away from Home".

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  1. How amazing the trip was - - - the best part of your life is you have friends in so many places - - the world is soon to be your family !!! So COOOOOL the george