Team Honduras

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Journey Continues.....Here at Last......

WOW! It has been well over 2 years since God put the burden on our hearts to help start Hope of Honduras Children's Home. After a period of transition to live in Tampa to train and work with the staff and kids  we moved to Costa Rica. We spent almost a full year in San Jose, Costa Rica preparing ourselves for living in another country and learning the Spanish language. Then, a short stay back in Tampa to tie up loose ends and get stamps for paperwork we have finally made it to Honduras.

The Lord has been so good to us and we had a wonderful experience in the airport. We traveled with 20+ bags and were expecting to have to pay close to $800 for the additional baggage due to the new rules with the airlines. However, Tuesday night when I finally went to sleep I asked the Lord to please give us a nice person to work with at the airports and that we would not have any trouble with our luggage.

As we arrived at the airport on Wednesday morning at 5 am we were greeted with a nice gentleman who helped us load all the bags we had on 2 pull carts. He looked at us and pulled us into a line that was much shorter. He began to count bags and said, "you are gonna have to pay alot for those bags". We said yes, we know but we are moving and have no other options. He said if I could save you some money would you be willing?.....we replied with " OF COURSE". So he upgraded our flight from Tampa to Miami to first class tickets for $225 and with that we each got 3 checked bags for FREE. So, we ended up only paying $100 for the extra bag. WHAT A BLESSING!!! We saved close to $400. It is so amazing how God works and puts people in your path.

We arrived in San Pedro Sula around 1:45 on Wednesday and again were greeted with very friendly and kind people here in the airport who did not question us or our 20+ bags that we had come with. Brother Matt and Brother Nathan picked us up from the airport and helped us get settled into to the home that we will be staying in until the cottage is complete or at least livable.

front of the cottage
With that said 20 bags did not get here ALL of the items that we will need for the home or our family here. We do have a contact for a container but we need your help. Because of the cost of the container it is very important that we get it filled to the max and the only way that we can do that is through people like you, who give. The longer it takes to fill the container the longer it will take to ship. We need to have this container by the end of June so that we can be ready to move in the first of July. Please, PLEASE, PRAYERFULLY consider checking out the 2 WISH LISTS that we currently have. We have one at
and one at we are also asking for IKEA gift cards to help purchase bunk beds and shelving items for the bedrooms. (they make them more compact and easy to fit in the rooms).  I do know that you can purchase items from Wal-Mart and have them sent to the store in Tampa on Gunn Highway FREE of charge and we have a contact person to pick them all up for us. We can not do this alone we need your help and you will receive a tax receipt for you giving. Please help us see the children's home doors open with a nice and complete home for the children to live in. Thanks Again for all of your help. We love you all and look forward to sharing many more updates from HONDURAS!!!!!


  1. How exciting it must be to finally be there!! We are so excited for y'all! We will definitely be praying for the container to be filled..& quickly. And praying that all "adjustments" go well. Oh how I wish I could have seen your faces as you got there. I am anxious to hear now of all the wonderful things from Honduras!! Thanking The Lord today for all the things He has done to get you all there. We love y'all!

  2. Praying for you and Baby Micah and Mark, Taylor, Hunter and Josiah as you begin this new season of life in Honduras, a long awaited season. I will also pray about your wish lists being filled. May God Bless you and Keep on Fighting the Good fight of the faith.